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Complex sales


Sameplan is customer-facing plans for sales teams to stay aligned with their prospects.

Give your future customers a better experience

Managing POCs and trials can be chaotic. Sameplan helps sales reps improve the buyer experience when it matters most.

Improve Buyer & Seller Alignment

  • Lightweight customer experience
  • Share timelines, goals, and resources
  • Build a business case, together

Centralized Project Plans

Instead of relying on email & spreadsheets to manage complex evaluations, Sameplan gives all stakeholders visibility by centralizing information between companies.

You deserve more than a spreadsheet.

Go beyond Mutual Action Plans.


Generate a plan from a template, then customize to your heart’s content.

Bulk operations

Need to budget an extra week for legal? Make room with bulk date shifting.


Don’t miss a thing. Get notified when activity happens in any plan.

Calendar Integrated

Create events in Google Calendar with one click within Sameplan.

Automated reminders

We’ll bump things with automated reminders so you don’t have to.

Salesforce Sync

Bi-directional sync to and from Salesforce. Life’s too short to duplicate data.

Management friendly.

Forecast with confidence

Team-wide dashboards of every prospect in your pipeline. No picture of a POC is more accurate than a mutually-agreed-upon path forward.

INtegrated with the Revops Stack

Get Sameplan data in Salesforce and wherever else you want it.

Prescriptive Processes

Make it easy for reps to adhere to standard processes & onboard new reps faster.

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